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Sunnyvale Flat Rate Towing offers all the services you need when your car won’t move. Flat Tire, Dead Battery, or just stuck in the mud. Sunnyvale Towing can help get you going again. We have very competitive pricing for all your auto towing service needs! Towing Service! Tire Changing Service! Jump Starting Service! Wreck Removal Service! Call our 24 hour/7 days a week customer service line at (408) 680-8493, we can arrive in less than 30 minutes of your call!

Flat Rate Towing services:

Highly Trained Professioanls

We work with experienced professional auto mechanics that are the best in the auto towing industry. They are trained on the latest car towing equipment and technology, and keep current with auto towing and locksmith industry advancements. Our equipment, flatbed tow trucks and trucks with a tow dolly, are well maintained to ensure the highest standard of service.

Emergency automotive services are available in cities in or around Sunnyvale, CA: Campbell Towing, Cupertino Towing, Los Altos Towing, Los Gatos Towing, Milpitas Towing, Mountain View Towing, Palo Alto Towing, Redwood City Towing, Sunnyvale Towing, Santa Clara Towing, and San Jose Towing.

Reliable towing assistance

Call Sunnyvale Flat Rate Towing, (408) 680-8493, for expert auto towing and roadside assistance. Sunnyvale Towing technicians are on standby at multiple locations so they can arrive at your location within minutes of your call.

When it comes to towing and recovery servicing and long distance towing, Flat Rate Towing understands the importance of quality towing and customer care. Call Sunnyvale Flat Rate Towing, (408) 680-8493, for expert auto towing and roadside assistance. Our technicians are on standby at multiple locations so they can arrive at your location within minutes of your call. Not all towing companies offer long distance towing, but Flat Rate Towing Sunnyvale is willing to go the distance and at competitive rates.

Sunnyvale, CA

In 1850, Martin Murphy Jr. (a member of the Stephens-Townsend-Murphy Party, the first wagon train to cross the Sierra Nevada mountain range in 1844) purchased land from of the Rancho Pastoria de las Borregas (pasture of the ewes), owned by Francisco Estrada and his wife Inez Castro. The Rancho Pastoria de las Borregas was on the land now occupied by the cities of Sunnyvale and Mountain View. Murphy used his land (he called his ranch Bay View) for farming of wheat, but after several years the wheat was replaced with fruit orchards. The first wood frame house in Santa Clara County was built by Murphy, it was made to his specifications in Bangor, Maine, and shipped around the horn to be assembled in Sunnyvale.

A town called Murphy developed around the ranch, but because there was already another Murphy in the state of California, and in order to have a post office in town, they had to change the name, Sunnyvale was chosen.

The agricultural community in Sunnyvale continued to grow until World War II. Sunnyvale companies began developing for the defense industry. The Joshua Hendy Iron Works, originally in San Francisco, moved to Sunnyvale. Originally a producer of mining equipment began manufacturing marine steam engines, naval guns, and rocket launchers for the war. By 1956 Lockheed set up its headquarters in Sunnyvale. Soon, other high-tech companies followed, Advanced Micro Devices, Yahoo, Juniper Networks, and Northrop Grumman Marine Systems. These companies are still the largest employers in the city of Sunnyvale.
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Our Happy Client Testimonials

  • I called Flat Rate Towing and within 20 minutes they got there and even made the problem with my vehicle go away. Thank You Flat Rate Towing.

    Mathuew Joe
    Roadside Assistance
  • I locked myself out of my car with my dog in it and the windows rolled up. I looked up locksmiths and Flat Rate Towing had a locksmith come out and unlock my car in less than half an hour, and the locksmith even gave me a bottle of water for my dog. So sweet!

    John Mic
    Roadside Assistance
  • My car broke down on 280 North bound. It was a little scary out there at night with cars whizzing by, and the freeway so dark. Within 20 minutes of my call, the technician was there. Thank you!

    Alene Mack
    Roadside Assistance